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Our Tea Detox ingredients are designed to stimulate the body's ability to process excess fats, burn calories, combat fatigue, reduce bloating and curb appetite.


ENERGY TEA: To Boost Energy during the Day and Suppress your Appetite so you can lose weight naturally.
Combat Fatigue
Improve Blood Circulation
Increase Energy
Improve Mental Focus
Suppress Appetite
Burns Calories
Increase Metabolism
Aid in Weight Loss

SKINCARE TEA: To help clear your Skin. Our Skin Care Teas are packed with anti-aging properties.
Promotes Clear Skin
Slow the Aging Process
Increase Libido for both men and women
Eliminate Toxins from body
Increase Energy
Regulate blood cholesterol levels
Boost Immune System

SLEEP TEA: To help promote healthy sleep, so you feel calm, rested, and ready to accomplish your goals. 
Relax your body
Promote Sleep
Relieve anxiety and depression
Reduce Inflammation
Promote against diarrhea, nausea, gas, due to inflammation
Improve mood and libido
Reduce PMS Symtoms
Aid in Weighloss
Curb Appetite
Control blood sugar