Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is "Live Healthy with Nature". We create nutrition, wellness, and skincare products that is aligned with our philosophy.


How did we get our start?

Raised in a family where diseases came like changing seasons, Roberta Wusu always wanted to boost up her health and immune system. It was when she saw her family members fight their illnesses that she realized that the world needed smart, healthy solutions to health and wellness. Her micro-juicing company, Gaea Juice sprouted from her wellness spa when aspiring military clients used her juice cleanse to pass their Physical Test (PT). Consequently, she decided to transform her juice cleanse into an entrepreneurial endeavor and share with the world how to stay healthy and lose weight naturally.

What makes our product unique?
Gaea Juice adorns the flag of "Living Healthy with Nature" and has formulated its juice cleanse into a Superfood powder, purely with nutrients and vitamins. Roberta says, "Our philosophy prevents us from polluting our food with preservatives or artificial sugars." Gaea Juice understands the absolute importance of daily intake of raw fruits and vegetables; take one serving of our Juice Superfood to boost up your immune system to the fullest.

Why do we love what we do?
It is alarming that an average American fails to eat more than two fruits and three vegetables a day. Our diet revolves around fast food and junk food which ultimately leads to illness and obesity. Helping the world sip their way to a supremely healthy lifestyle is something Gaea Juice pride itself over. We want the world to experience the richness of nature and take a positive step towards good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.


Roberta Wusu | Gaea Juice

Roberta Erawoc Wusu | Founder, Gaea Juice llc