Is Beet Powder as Good as Beets?

Beets superfood powder

Is beet powder as good as beets?

Beets are beneficial for health no matter how you prepare them. However, beet juices and beet powder are much superior that the cooked beets in terms of nutritional value. Beet juice varies from colorful magenta to deep crimson. The beets with the scientific name Beta vulgaris are used to make a colorful drink. 

Beet powder is often promoted as a superfood. It is sold as natural food. To make a juice, beet powder can be mixed with water. Smoothies, sauces, or baked products can also be added. Beet powder is becoming increasingly popular as an addition to natural health.

People are drawn to beet juice and powder, and many people like it too due to its nutritive value. Beets usually have a bitter, earthy taste. Many people like to taste beet juice themselves while some prefer to mix beet or beet juice powder with sweet or fresh aromas. It can be used with the addition of carrot, citrus, mint, or apple slices to cut through its earthy taste.

Beet powder (in addition to being super convenient) has fewer carbohydrates and calories versus beets of any other form which may be particularly valuable for fitness fanatics who choose to eat more keto-ish and want their diet in sugar to be lower. One teaspoon contains four grams of carbohydrates, for example, while one cup of beetroot juice contains 24 grams of carbohydrates.

Carbs are not the enemy of health, but if your intake of sugar is reduced and you still want to improve energy, beet powder is an excellent "hack" especially during pre-workouts. On a nip, it can be apparently said that beet powder as good as beet, perhaps somewhat better than the beets.

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