Are Detox Teas Good for Weight Loss?

gaea energy tea

It is a famous saying that our body is like a temple and we must keep it well and healthy. In this busy world, simple natural things can benefit us more so than taking unnecessary doses of medication. Believe it or not, daily consumption of herbal Detox Tea can help us maintain a healthy body due to its fat-burning properties.

Many researchers agree on the fact that it performs a diuretics effect, increases the excretion of water, and hence causes the loss of water weight. Herbal Detox tea has a laxative effect, increases the rate of digestion, and also metabolism to help burn calories and lose weight.

Caffeine is present in most of our detox teas and causes positive effects to reduce weight by:

  • Reducing appetite and desire to eat,
  • Burning calories due to thermogenesis (produce excessive body heat and energy from ingested food), and 
  • Signaling the nervous system to break excessive fat as a source instead of glycogen.

For example, ginger root is the key element of our sleep detox tea which is famous for its anti-obesity effect and also reduces belly fat, helping the digested food to speed through the colon. It also stabilizes the blood sugar level, which might help to oppose the weight gain activity. Herbal Detox tea can help with weight due to the presence of herbal ingredients and its biological effects.

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