Can You Drink Beets Everyday?

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Can you drink beets  everyday?

Beet juice offers many health benefits owing to its antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional ingredients. Its unique compound betalains can positively influence the human body. The US Department of Agriculture reports that, depending on the age and sex of individuals, a single cup of beets can provide more than 8.81% of a person's daily fiber requirements.

There are no serious side effejuicects associated with the consumption of beet juice except the appearance of pink or red colored urine or stool. This condition is called beeturia. But this is not harmful. These color changes are not permanent and not a reason for serious concern. There is no such study that indicates the toxicity or any interaction of beet juice with other compounds.

Beet juice can be taken daily and research demonstrates that people who drink a glass (250 mL) of beet juice daily have lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure due to the presence of nitrates. Anyone facing low blood pressure issues or taking medication for blood pressure should speak with a healthcare professional before incorporating super beet juice or beet powder into the diet.

Daily consumption of beet juice can also provide the following health benefits;

  • Boost in athletic performance
  • Protection of liver health
  • Prevention of anemia
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Blood pressure improvements
  • Boost of the immune system


A cup of beet juice is a great treatment for an upset stomach and its daily consumption can be very beneficial without any side effects.

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